Picture Perfect Smiles: 5 Smartphone Applications For Oral Health

Smartphones can do just about anything, thanks to the plethora of innovative apps they support. Apps allow us to track our time, tasks, calories, finances, and more; they entertain, inform, and even interpret data. So it’s not surprising that a number of apps are available for both iOS and Android devices that focus on oral health. Here are some of our favorites.

star teeth

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Available for both Apple and Android products, WebMD is a winner of an app for its sheer comprehensiveness. Along with a wealth of information about the body and medical conditions in general, WebMD boasts a robust section on oral health and hygiene. Users will find articles, diagrams, and suggestions on topics as diverse as flossing and the symptoms of oral cancer.

Dentist Finder
This slick little app is free both on Google Play and the iTunes App Store. Although it might not seem helpful at first, when a simple search will locate dentists in your area, the app is an all-in-one stop that allows users to find local dentists, see promotions offered by various clinics, read reviews by other users, find maps, and directly contact dentists from within the app. Also, its well-designed interface makes it a pleasure to use.

Star Teeth
Star Teeth is only available for iOS. Aimed at children, it is also popular with adults who want to add a little fun to tooth-brushing time! Players select a friend from the colorful, animated character options and enjoy a silly time of serious brushing. According to a Utah dentist, parents love this app for helping their youngsters form good dental hygiene habits.

This fun and goofy fairytale app from the iTunes and Android stores is similar to Star Teeth, but with an added bonus: the "saga"-like game experience awards points to users who play twice daily, and accumulated points equal unlocked toothbrush choices and a chance to defeat an evil sorceress! Its ratings are slightly lower than those of Star Teeth, but overall it is a fun and worthwhile choice for coaxing children to brush.

Pass It! Dental Hygiene
Designed to help Dental Hygiene students pass their exams (including National Board exams), this app offers a fascinating insight into professional dental care and science even for laypeople. Quizzes and tests track learning and educate users by use of detailed questions with one- or two-word, multiple choice answer selections. Subject areas range from Clinical studies to Radiology to Local Anesthesia. 
If you’re serious about oral health, these apps can help you in your quest for a healthy, clean smile that will last a lifetime.

By Erika Remmington

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