Personal Breathalyzers – Are they useful or not?

Blood Alcohol Concentration is the most common measure used to evaluate the level of alcohol in the blood system of a suspected drunk driver. Alcohol and its level in the body can directly affect the functioning of the brain including sight and reflexes. The legal level of BAC in the United States in 0.08% but sometimes, some people can even get intoxicated and unable to drive properly with a BAC of less than 0.08%.

Personal Breathalyzers

Whenever suspected drunk drivers are pulled over by the police, they will normally be required to take a Breath Test to measure the level of alcohol in the blood system. They will normally use a device called a breathalyzer or an alcohol tester. Although, as far as DUI is concerned, a lot of people believe that these devices are subject to a lot of doubt considering that they are usually not used properly or may be old or may malfunction at any time. But usually, breathalyzers can give a rough estimate of a person’s BAC at any point in time if the device is used properly.

A lot of websites and DUI experts recommend people to keep personal breathalyzers with them as well so that they can keep a regular check on their BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) and in a way, try their best to avoid a possible DUI. But with regard to personal breathalyzers, people must be wary because personal breathalyzers cannot and should not be wholly depended on. There are a number of reasons for that, one of which is that personal breathalyzers do not give an accurate measure of your BAC at any point in time.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the functioning of breathalyzers that they are normally prone to give a BAC reading that is lower than the actual level of BAC. Sometimes, breathalyzers can even give a completely false reading owing to the fact that they can be faulty or are being used inaccurately. So when a person finds out that they are not legally impaired, they would still choose to drive themselves and if their breathalyzer is inaccurate, they could actually be driving into a lot of trouble, unconsciously.

Some other reasons why your personal breathalyzer may give an inaccurate reading are unsophisticated sensors, changes in body temperatures, excessive use etc. Some dangers of using personal breathalyzers maybe that people may start depending upon the devices too much despite the fact that they give inaccurate readings. So people using personal breathalyzers should take the fact into consideration that their breathalyzer may be faulty and hence, should not be depended upon too much. Secondly, people using breathalyzers should have their devices checked regularly to make sure their devices give a good estimate, if not an accurate one about their BAC level.

Fundamentally, it is best for you to avoid drinking and then driving for your health as well as safety. But if you wish to drink and then drive back home as well then you need to make sure that you are sober enough. Don’t depend upon your breathalyzer too much and use it only to give an estimate of the alcohol content in your body.

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  1. They useful as Drivers can pass a roadside sobriety test and still be breaking the law. It is illegal to operate a vehicle, boat or aircraft when the blood alcohol level exceeds the legal limit.

  2. We otice the test for impairment does not take into account the abilities of the driver. In most states, a criminal offense occurs where the concentration of alcohol exceeds 80 mg per 100 ml of blood (.08% BAC), without having to prove impairment. So police officers use some of the latest technology to detect alcohol levels in suspected drunk drivers and remove offenders from the roads.

  3. The breathalyzer seems like something of a “morning after pill”. In other words, better not to get yourself into the situation where you need to find out whether you’re too drunk to drive – i.e. have a designated driver or get a cab! I think prior planning is the key – if you’re going to drink, organize the ride first.

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