Pencil Pens

Pencil Pens

A pencil without a sharpener is just a stick waiting to happen. Nevertheless there is something rather archaically charming about pencils, however outmoded they may be as writing implements. That’s why we fell for this brilliant set of a pencil ballpoint, and er… pencil. Cunningly disguised as your everyday ever so slightly overweight pencils, they are in fact, not everyday-like at all. One of the chunky chaps is a retractable ballpoint and one a propelling pencil. The nib of the ballpoint retracts at a click of the obligatory ‘rubber-on-the-end-of-the-pencil’ feature, and they come in a neat little case. Considering that enough wood pencils are produced every year to encircle the globe 62 times (which would explain why trees look so nervous), it’s nice to know we can still have the classic ‘pencil’ look, and keep all the wood for putting the pips in strawberry jam, or was that just during the war?

You can have this for £4.99 – Approx USD $8.98 / €7.39

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