PC Keeper LIVE Review. Keep Your Computer Safe and Make it Run Faster

I recently stumbled upon a new piece of software called PC Keeper Live. It was designed to increase the computer’s performance, fix dangerous system errors and provide 24/7 live technical support.

PC Keeper

If you ever looked for a PC boosting/performance increasing software you know that there are hundreds of software which promise to keep you computer safe and make it run faster. Most of them under deliver: an old PC will still move like an old PC. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much from this program, but PC Keeper Live proved to be a nice surprise.

The first thing I noticed was the smart interface. It has a clean design and it offers all the options you need without any unnecessary design bling-blings. From the left side menu you have access to all the program’s features.

pc Keeper left side menu

The software is super simple to use. By choosing the find and fix option you computer will be automatically scaned for errors and these errors will be fixed. Typically with similar software scanning and fixing errors took a lot of computer power (in the past I couldn’t use my computer during this operation because it was moving too slow), but now I could work on my computer just fine (it was slightly slower but I could use it).

PC Keeper Live features. This software offers a lot of solutions:

1. Find and Fix

The PC Keeper Live will scan and fix your computer errors. After this operation your computer will run faster. It is very simple to use this feature and with just a few mouse clicks the most common system problems will be fixed.

2. Geek on Demand & Live support

If you have any questions about the software you can ask a “geek” (a tech guy from PC Keeper) and you will get an answer in 24 hours. Also there is a  live chat option if you are in a hurry.

3. Improved Security

PC Keeper Live offers a few interesting security options:

  • the anti theft module may be very useful if your computer gets stolen. When the computer will be connected to the Internet you will get the computer’s location and snapshot with the thief.
  • the data hider protects your privacy. You set a password and  you add the files you want hidden, then only you will have access to these files.
  • the shredder helps you to permanently delete files.
  • the file recovery is an useful function. From here you can recover files which have been accidently deleted.

4. Advanced System Cleaning

This feature allows you to clean the PC of junk files and duplicate files. You will also be able to explore your HDD and apply filters to easily locate files and if you are having problems uninstalling a program there is a built-in Uninstaller.

5. Easy Organization

It’s simple to organize your computer’s start up and context menu to make it run faster.  PC Keeper Live offers tools for both these tasks.

PC Keeper Live review

I like this software a lot because it does not require a lot of resources to run, the interface is simple and intuitive and it does a great job on finding and fixing system errors. In plus it comes with a lot of useful options like the antitheft module and file recovery module.  

In conclusion: a wise investment to keep your computer safe and boost its performance.

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