Panting Computers?

Is your computer panting? Most of the times PC will be out of breathe because of some disturbances in the system. There are some loads that are too heavy to carry for the PC and will result to gasp of breathing. You need to identify the burdens that are annoying the performance of the PC. If you are curious about the annoying burdens of the PC, read this article. This will open up your minds about the present situation of your PC.


Computers are not a perfect machine that will carry all the stuff that you want to load in it. It has limitations, too. It can feel tiredness and even exhaustiveness. The perfect evidence of these situations in your computer is the panting performance of the PC. Have you ever noticed sometimes that the performance of the PC suddenly slows down, pants, gasps and freeze up? These are the effects of the heavy burden of your PC.

Panting computers are commonly caused by these factors:

  • The problematic hardware – there are some factors of the PC’s hardware that contributes to the poor performance of the PC. For example, the mouse pointer does not move. It will just stick to a single place. That will lead to some errors in the system. You must fix it.

  • Overheating – this will occur if the machine has no rest. Too much usage of the PC will overheat the system and will lead to PC’s slow performance.

  • Hard drive malfunctions – some of the problems in the hard drive are: unable to recognize BIOS and computer freezes while scanning.

  • Viruses – these are the most risky problem that will invade your computer. This will weaken your computer and will cause it to pant, freeze or the worst it will ruin your computer.

  • Fragmentation issues – this will happen if all the files are messed up in the hard drive. This will confuse the system in functioning and will lead to the slow performance of the PC.

  • Flooding files – most of the times PC users forgot to clean up their files. In result, all the files will flood in the system. The flooding files are composed of cloned files or the duplicate files. These flooding files will consume the hard drive and will weaken the performance of the PC.

  • Too many programs that are running at the same time – there are times that computer users are fond of using more than one program at the same time. The programs are like racing and will deteriorate the speed of the PC.

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These are some of the factors that caused the poor performance of the PC. If you need an urgent slow computer fix, check back soon for more tips from Jesse and feel the difference!

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