Learn and Play with Biggifi. Product review

Learn and Play with Biggifi. Product review 1

The BiggiFi is an Android device which allows turning your old TV into a smartTV. This gadgets runs on Android and uses the TV as display. With it you can browse the internet, use the social media sites, listen to music, watch videos or online TV (there are thousands of …

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Nomophobia: Are You Addicted To Your Mobile?

Nomophobia: Are You Addicted To Your Mobile? 2

You can’t deny that technology is taking over our lives. It influences our thoughts, movement, sleep, work routine and quality family time. The 60s and 70s were all about the hippie movement and rock and roll. The 80s saw the introduction of the personal computer, and the 21st century brought …

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Top 5 Octa Core Smartphones in India

Top 5 Octa Core Smartphones in India 3

The Indian Smartphone market has market a major growth in the first two quarters of ongoing year, 2014. Not only Indian Smartphone manufacturers, but the International brands have also launched their latest devices, which have been widely popular in the market. With time, the smartphones are becoming more powerful and …

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Five reasons you need fibre optic broadband

What do an iPad, HTC One (M8), Samsung smart TV, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, NOW TV box, Macbook Air have in common? Other than the fact they’re all pretty cool? The answer, of course, is that they’re all severely hobbled – if not entirely useless – without the internet. The …

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New Technology Innovations in Automotive Industry

New Technology Innovations in Automotive Industry 4

It’s the dream of every modern person to own the latest and most technologically advanced vehicle, every so often the automotive industry welcomes new and improved cars that leave motorists in adoration. Whether you’re a fan of SUVs, sedans or station wagons there’s always something special waiting for you. Here …

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Celltack Review

Celltack Review 5

I just received a small gadget called Celltack for review. It is the world’s first wearable smartphone docking system and it is in fact a small, smart device which allows an improved functionality of the way we interact with our phones. Images sources indiegogo.com Celltack was designed as functional jewelry …

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iCookie Review

iCookie Review 6

iCookie is a small and smart gadget which allows you to track and keep you child or belongings close to you. This gadget works paired with the iCookie app which must be installed on a smartphone and it acts as an anti-lost tracker. With the iCookie gadget you will not …

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Discover 5 Cool Gadgets for men

Discover 5 Cool Gadgets for men 7

Something I’ve seen lately is that finding cool gadgets for men is becoming a difficult thing to do. These days, with all the amazing technology we have, there are lots of great gadgets a man would love, however, how to know which ones to select from all the options we …

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Old Technology That Is Worth A Lot Of Money These Days

As wonderful as technology is for improving people’s day-to-day lives, one of the downsides of most tech products is that they quickly lose their value when updated models are released to the public. For many people this means selling their items, or letting it collect dust in an attic or …

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