Electric Mischief: Battery-Powered Gadgets Kids Can Build

Electric Al shows kids how to make their very own electric backscratcher, illuminated fork and more kooky creations using step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow illustrations. Features information on battery connections and switches as well as lots of ideas for building on the basics. Projects Include … — Electric dice — A …

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Doom 3 Keyset

Get the ultimate gaming edge to defeat the demons of Doom 3 with the Zboardâ„¢ Doom 3â„¢ Keyset from Ideazon. This keyset features sloped dome shaped ‘butterfly’ buttons that let you rapidly change weapons, reload, crouch and jump. Its one hand control zone lets you start fraggin’ immediately. With this …

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Digital Photo Frames Gadget

Digital Photo Frames Gadget 2

We all know the classic photo frames. But there are some new gadgets now digital photo fames. This picture frame is a cool gadget. It has a 10.4-inch LCD display. Transferring image files to the frame is blissfully simple, thanks to a neat USB interface and since you can store …

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Plug RoadTripâ„¢ into your dashboard power socket and listen to your iPod® on your car’s stereo system! RoadTrip serves as a convenient cradle and charger for any iPod. Set the transmitter to send your iPod’s music or audiobook to any available FM frequency between 88.1 and 107.9 on you car …

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Spion 8X32 Binocular with 5.0MP Digital Camera

This powerful binocular with 8X magnification and 32mm lens features a built-in point-and-shoot digital 5.0MP camera with a 3.0 mega sensor to capture the high-magnification images you see! Perfect for sporting events, concerts, wildlife viewing, sightseeing and more, this innovative binocular/camera with a full-color 1.5″ TFT LCD screen lets you …

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New gadget car cassette player accepts iPod

New gadget car cassette player accepts iPod 4

A new car gadget is here cassette player that accepts iPod. There are several ways to connect your iPod to your car’s stereo ranging from simple and poor sounding to complex and high fidelity. JPPadula user of CarDomain.com  had plenty of time and passion to create one of the most …

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Lenovo Windows Mobile 6 new gadgets

Lenovo Windows Mobile 6 new gadgets 6

This gadget blog post will show one of the hottest gadgets. Lenovo Windows Mobile 6. PhoneDaily (Chinese site) reports that the Lenovo ET980 will support GPRS, play MP3 files and be equipped with a MiniSD slot. The Lenovo smartphone gadget will sport a 4 megapixel camera. The device will reportedly …

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WiFi Smart Remote Gadget

WiFi Smart Remote Gadget 8

Future gadget – smart TV remote control, With extensive industry experience in broadband, mobile phone software and solutions, high volume consumer electronics products, digital interactive TV and universal remote TV controls, tvCompass, Inc. (TVC) is poised to further accelerate the consumer adoption of wireless interactive entertainment in the home. tvCompass’s …

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Lap Pro gadget watch for swimmers

Lap Pro gadget watch for swimmers 10

The Zoggs Lap Pro gadget is the first personal lap timer which has been designed and developed specifically for swimmers. The ‘tap pad’ watch face allows the swimmer to record each lap swum over a designated training session after which a full summary of each lap/split swum, time, speed and …

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New gadget i-mate Ultimate

New gadget i-mate Ultimate 12

Cool new gadget i-mate i-mate announced newest range of Windows Mobile devices the WM6-equipped “Ultimate” range by shoving a full five models out the door, all differing only in form factor. i-mate gadget is dedicated to the collaborative design and development of fully certified, wireless handheld device. i-mate’s cutting edge, …

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