In the last years outsourcing explode because everyone want to lower the costs. What outsourcing means for a business is to find cheap, but qualified work force and use it.

Sometimes outsourcing means that a company is moving it’s production line in a country where the wages are low like China or the company buys the services or products they need form another company (eg. company A pays IT services to company 2).

In the past outsourcing was done by large business, but in the recent times small business and even individuals outsource. The outsourcing for individuals usually consists in hiring a virtual assistant.

The outsourcing has 2 main advantages:

  • it is cheap (think about building a factory versus buying the products from someone’s else factory)
  • it is fast (if a business needs IT personnel they must put an ad, interview people and hire someone. This takes time. If outsource is used the business hires a firm which has the qualified personnel and the work begins almost instantly).

The managed print business can easily be outsourced because the providers offer online management tools. These tools are designed to allow users to access, customize, approve and order their own local print and promotional materials.

Usually this type of companies will print your promotional materials and will handle the distribution also.

If you need this type of services which requires physical goods look for an outsourcer in your geographical area. If you have your headquarters in Dallas just search for printer Dallas in Google. By the way this is the first step: after you googled them you must go to a meeting and see the people you want to work with in person.

For business not requiring physical products the outsourcer can be almost anywhere. There are many USA based business which use customer care outsourcers from India. And there are business which externalized their sales strategy and the manufacturing of their products as well.

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