Out of the Box: How Today’s Teachers Use Technology to Push the Envelope

These are exciting times for education because teachers now have new technologies available to them that can engage students and make learning even more exciting. With technology being such a prominent part of everyday life, the more students are exposed to new ways of learning, the greater their chance of success when they leave school.

Out of the Box How Today's Teachers Use Technology to Push the Envelope

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The Power Of Images

Teachers now have the ability not just to bring in outside guests or lecturers from the local area, but to introduce their classes to a wide collection of people from all across the world. Apps like Skype and Google Hangout can present a variety of other teachers and experts to our students. Teachers can even have our students talk and interact with classes in other parts of the United States, or from another country. Educators can use YouTube to find videos on just about any subject matter they might want to present. This helps students remember and retain more material than they might otherwise.

Interactive Ideas

Social media has become a huge part of our society and teachers can take advantage of this. By using sites like Twitter and Facebook, more and more educators energize student interests with a wide range of topics that will stimulate learning and involvement. Having them use blogs to post work is also a great way to recognize their achievements.

Mobile Devices

With the wide availability of smart phones and tablets, teachers can enhance group learning and cooperation. By dividing a class into sections with tablets, the teacher now has a way to choose lessons that are projected onto a screen, such as an interactive white board. Just about any subject in education has games that the students can access with iPads and tablets. The teacher can then devise ways for students to learn the material by encouraging game competitions among the students.

With the tools available to teachers now, retention of material will be increased and a wide range of apps can be used to tailor plans for individual students. Having expertise in using mobile devices is going to be a big part of these students lives when they enter the work force. For present educators and those in school seeking a master’s degree in education, a familiarity with all these resources is a must. A teacher will then have the means to educate their classes on different ways to access information that they wouldn’t be able to find in traditional books.

By Brooke Chaplan


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