Organising Your Office Space Effectively

Keeping your office neat and organised not only makes for a more attractive work area but also protects the integrity of your documentation. So that your company can provide exceptional customer service to its clients you should take every precaution to keep their personal files easily attainable whenever the need for them arises. Your employer will appreciate the manner in which you perform your record-keeping duties when you are organised and can provide them with the documentation for meetings and presentations.


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Document storage keeps your office organised

Off-Site Storage Assists with Your Storage Needs

By locating a safe and secure off-site location for your documentation storage needs, you can open up additional areas of work space in your office environment. You’ll have to make sure that the company with which you partner will supply sturdy and reliable boxes and that their system of retrieval is exceptional. You may have boxes at your company you want to be able to use and simply have the storage security team affix labels that assist in the retrieval of your documents. You can keep the files of current cases or those that need immediate attention in your work area and store those files with which you no longer work in a state-of-the-art archive facility near your company’s location.

Security is Paramount to Your Selection of a Company

The documentation that you have for each of your company’s clients and the sensitive data that accompanies each file must be handled with the greatest of care. The company with which you partner should have CCTV that is ongoing twenty-four hours a day; this records all those who enter the facility to access records. The facility that you choose should have intruder and fire alarms that are connected to the proper authorities so that they can quickly ascertain any problems that have arisen. A total management system should be in place that records and documents any contractors who work inside the facility and spend time working on systems that provide security, HVAC, or other services required for effective and safe storage.

Retrieval and Refiling Should Be Convenient

With a document storage facility attending to your filing needs, you’ll want to make sure that they have a plan in place with properly vetted employees who handle your documentation, get requests to you in a timely fashion, and pick up and return your documents once your staff members have completed their work with the files. The personnel that transport your files should be careful, courteous, and trained to confidentially deal with the sensitive information that is contained in the documents. Because your industry niche is different from others, you’ll want the company with which you partner for securely storing your documents to tailor a system that meets your needs.

Working with a company that will inventory your documents, assign a bar code for tracking and security purposes, and that provides you with an auditable trail will help you to meet compliance requirements and store your information in a professional manner.

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