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Bring back the smiles again on the faces of your friends by sending them some cool online SMS today. If you need to send a lot of text you can opt for online sms for instance. This is the best alternative possible if you are looking for under 160 characters or you can even send more but it would mean fitting in more SMS messages.


The good news is that technology did advance and now we are dealing with a completely safe environment for sending online SMS if we do it right.

It is very, very easy to send sms using web technologies. Sending online sms the right way basically moves around one thing: choosing the right web sites to do so. You will need to follow some rules in our research for online SMS web sites:

  • look for people which are users of this type of servieces and ask recommandations; forums and groups are a great way for that.
  • the site must offer free trial of webSMS
  • the site must have 100% uptime guarantee
  • it also must offer a money back guarantee
  • must have account manager
  • look for no minimum contract, no prepaid credits.

Online SMS for companies

Online Short Message Service can give you fast access to the local mobile market and a global market of millions. Online SMS provides the power to get instant information direct to individually targeted customers, suppliers and employees via their mobile GSM handsets and mobile devices direct from your PC.

Whether you’re a small business or a major corporate, Online SMS can enhance your customer relationship management, operational and promotional effectiveness, they also enables the sending of bulk customized messages to individual mobiles.

Online SMS is a web based service, so you don’t need in-house IT and wireless expertise. It is a fast and cost-effective way of communicating with geographically dispersed customers or employees.

The Online SMS service allows recipients of your SMS messages to reply using a unique number.

Online SMS is the easiest and fastest way of sending your messages.

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