Old Technology That Is Worth A Lot Of Money These Days

As wonderful as technology is for improving people’s day-to-day lives, one of the downsides of most tech products is that they quickly lose their value when updated models are released to the public. For many people this means selling their items, or letting it collect dust in an attic or garage somewhere. However, the irony of some tech products is that while they may lose value in the short run, some products have quite the turnaround in value after a few decades of insignificance. Here is some old technology that is worth a lot of money these days, which may lead you to start rummaging through your old junk to see what you have.


Somewhere between CDs and MP3 players, HitClips became quite popular among younger children. These music players typically had one or two songs on them, which may not have been as enjoyable as a full-length CD, but users didn’t have to worry about the music skipping each time they made a move. HitClips went for about $15 when they were first released, but one that is unopened can now fetch upwards of $80.


Mobile gaming is all the rage for smartphones, but those who had a Gameboy back in the 90’s were way ahead of the portable-gaming curve. Gameboys were pricey back in the day, costing a few hundred dollars for a new system. However, buyers now value pristine Gameboy units at upwards of $1,000. Not only is the Gameboy highly sought after, but you can also sell video games for the Gameboy for a high price as well.


Tamagotchi’s were digital pets that required that you take care of them every few hours or something potentially fatal would happen to them. This meant playing with them, feeding them, telling them when to sleep, and much more. While there are plenty of mobile games now that are similar to Tamagotchi, the original toy is now worth nearly $600 in new condition.

Sega Genesis

Finally, Sega Genesis was one of first systems to gain mainstream traction back in the 90’s. While so people preferred Nintendo because of Mario, Sega let you play as Sonic the Hedgehog, Earthworm Jim, the Double Dragons and more. An unopened Sega Genesis now goes for roughly $2,000, which is nearly 10-times the amount of its original value.

Not only are old technologies nostalgic and provide you with a sense of your youth, but they can also fetch quite a bit of money as well. If you have any of the tech items mentioned here, it might be worth dusting them off and seeing how much you can get for them from the right buyer.

By Savannah Coulsen

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