Nokia's First Dual-SIM Phones Could Get You in Troubles

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Dual SIM phones have been proven to be a convenience as well as utility for most people who had the habit of operating two separate phones simultaneously. Two Subscriber Identity Modules or SIMS can be loaded and used at the same time in a single cell phone. The advantage of this is mainly that you can use two numbers or two SIMS in a single cell phone which allows you to enjoy two separate mobile networks, keep a wider contact list and keep in touch with a wide amount of people than with a single SIM.


Another main advantage of using Dual-SIM phones is that more than one person can call or contact you at the same time which is a convenience for people heavily dependent on mobile phone usage. People using Dual-SIM phones also enjoy larger space on their phone including space for more images, videos and caller tunes. Some people also say that using Dual-SIM phones is advantageous because in some regions one of the networks may not be giving a signal while the other SIM of another network may give you a good signal.

Nokia’s first Dual-SIM phones are here and specifically the models C1-00 and C2 have dual SIM quality that makes them so special. Although, physically these two phones may look much simpler than the phone you may already be using but for most people, travelers and business people, Dual-SIM quality is extremely important. So you can ditch your current phone and start using Nokia C1-00 and C2 for convenience of using two SIMs at the same time. Both models of phones can use two numbers at the same time and you can send calls and text from the two numbers at the same time.

With the C1, you can switch between the two numbers with the single press of a button which is extremely important for travelers who may use a SIM at a foreign country. Other features in these phones include Bluetooth and VGA cameras. Specifically, the C1-00 has a microSD Card Slot, VGA camera, media player and FM radio. In addition to these features, the C2 features Ovi mail, chat and web browser which can keep you in touch with all your contacts.

The C1-00 is a double SIM phone in which users can switch between the two numbers with the touch of a button and users will also enjoy battery time of up to six weeks which is the longest for Nokia phones.

The C2 is a dual-SIM phone with a dual standby capability which means that the phone can keep both the SIM cards active at all times. You can receive and send text messages and phone calls on both the numbers at the same time. While the first SIM card is placed under the battery, the second SIM card is a hot-swapper in the sense that it can be taken out while the phone is on. Both of these phones are a great alternative to keeping two phones in your pocket at the same time and using them simultaneously.

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  1. This was something that I’ve been hoping to get my hands on for sometime. Now….finally I’ll be able to use just one phone with my two google numbers, lol.

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  3. I believe that Dual-SIM phones are really useful and they have a lot of advantages as mentioned above.

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  6. cool stuffs. this is what i was looking for since last long time. i like nokia phones but they do not provide duel sim facilities in it. i was using two phones for that. i did not like to use other company mobile.

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