Nokia N95 Review – 10 facts about N95

Nokia N95

Nokia N95 is a highly capable mobile handset that offers the user high quality connectivity to compatible devices & fast speed data transfer rate thanks to EDGE technology, WLAN Wi-Fi, USB cable connection, infra red Pop Port™ connection & Bluetooth® wireless technology.

Nokia N95 comes with a fitted battery which will provide the user with up to 220 hours of standby battery time & approximately six & a half hours talk time. The Nokia N95 comes with voice features which include voice dialling, a voice record which is ideal for recording a reminder or memorandum & voice commands.

Nokia N95 is fully compatible with all existing S60 3rd Edition software.

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  1. Great cell phone 🙂

  2. Did you ever had this phone in your hand? I guess not. Let me tell you a couple of things about it. It’s a good phone, can’t argue with this but:
    1. The battery sucks. If you use the video player, navigate through Wifi and use the GPS module, you’re screwed. You’ll have to recharge it twice a day.
    2. The GPS battery is only a Sirf II, older generation, so it takes a lot of time till it connects and looses signal very fast
    3. The phone is kind of flimsy built. It looks so fragile that i can’t even want to think what would happen if you drop it on the floor by mistake.

    And i could go on and on 😛

  3. I’ve actually held one in my hands and played with it . I’d have to disagree with you and say that it’s not so flimsy build , although it looks like it might break if you drop it let’s keep in mind that it’s a Nokia phone , and I can’t even think that Nokia would have built such a sensible phone .
    The battery lasts enough for my taste and you can always buy either a second battery to have along with you , either a newer one ( I heard that Nokia released a new type of battery with doubled lifetime ) .
    About the GPS I can not say anything because I’m not quite familiar with it .

    Regards !

  4. Bidding Directory

    I really want one of those but they are just a tad oversized

  5. This phone has features fitted for a business minded person to keep him on track of his schedule. This is a good find for a phone. But also expensive too.

  6. l’ve always liked nokia,but in this case its a little to big, and the price is a bit much.
    there still seems to be combatability problems
    l think they need to work out still….

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