Nokia Lumia 920: A very smart smartphone

Dare to be different! That’s the message Nokia Lumia 920 screams out with its vivid colours and bold design. A stark contrast from the dime-a-dozen iPhones and androids, the Lumia 920 makes a strong statement with its unique design and powerful performance.

Nokia Lumia 920

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The windows 8 operating system on the Lumia 920 runs on some amazing hardware. This mobile phone integrates a 1.5 GHz dual core krait processor and 1 GB RAM. The interface of this Nokia smart phone sports tiles that allow easy access to apps and utilities right from the home screen. The tiles can be easily resized and also are automatically updated with the contact information. All animations play out seamlessly and the performance even when multitasking is glitch-free.

This Nokia smart phone handles multimedia content with ease. Music and movies can be easily transferred to this phone from a computer using simple drag-n-drop operations. With Nokia Music, tonnes of songs are available for download. They can also be streamed directly using Mix Radio which works even without data usage. Video formats like MP4, WMV and AVI are supported, and full HD content is supported.

The 8.7 MP camera on this mobile phone is state-of-the-art and incorporates PureView technology. With a Carl Zeiss lens and up to 4x digital zoom this phone is perfect for capturing true-to-life images. The dual LED flash on this phone lights up dark corners making night photography a pleasing experience. With features, such as panorama, smart shoot and cinemagraph, budding photographers can have a gala time with the Lumia 920.

This Nokia mobile phone does not disappoint on the productivity front too with One Note and MS Office document editing and viewing support. Games can be accessed and played via XBOX live. NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G and LTE make for a desirable array of connectivity features. Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps are excellent for scouring out hidden destinations with turn-by-turn directions.

Battery life
Despite being a smart phone, the Nokia Lumia 920 has surprisingly good battery life and sustains charge for up to a full 24 hours with average usage that includes photography, data usage, videos and calling. The phone features wireless charging when used with a fatboy pillow, which is ultra convenient.

At its current price, the Nokia Lumia 920 is one of the best mobile phones in india with a windows 8 OS. Its feature set is rich except for the lack of apps when compared to the iOS and Android operating system. The awesome camera, large and smooth screen, and exceptional build quality should please smartphone purists. All in all, a great smart phone to boot.

Article by Suraj Singh

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