Nokia 5530 Illuvial an affordable top range touchscreen gadget

Who said that top range touchscreen gadgets must be expensive? Nokia 5530 Illuvial offers incredible value for your money. The fabulous Nokia 5530 XpressMusic mobile phone, designed for your multimedia, entertainment and connectivity needs.  Enjoy all of the fantastic features and applications on the Nokia 5530 through the crisp 2.9 inch TFT touchscreen, let the action be at your fingertips

Nokia 5530 Illuvial

Make the most of up to 16GB expandable memory for all multimedia storage needs and a versatile XpressMusic media player – you can have access to music and video whenever you need it.  With a 3.2-megapixel camera you will be able to take snapshots of the action as and when it happens and even upload them to facebook via high speed internet or Wi-Fi!

Nokia 5530 Illuvial main features and specs:

  • Enjoy a fantastic full touchscreen experience with an affordable price range!
  • Store over 1,000 of your favourite tracks on the FREE 4GB memory card
  • Never miss a photo opportunity with the integrated 3.2-megapixel camera
  • Have the freedom of browsing the internet wherever you are with high speed internet connectivity
  • Surfing the internet is easy with the full web browser
  • Plug headphones or speakers into the 3.5mm AV plug

You can get Nokia 5530 Illuvial for free if you sign up for a monthly plan. For details see

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  1. this phone is just a copy of nokia 5800, i have a nokia 5800 and also used my friends 5530 and found no difference in them.. Although the price is a bit low of 5530 but i still like nokia 5800.

  2. I have used them. The Nokia 5530 features an easy to use, mobile really awesome. Music is also great and 33 hours of playback time. This offering truly unbeatable, I really love them. Thanks for sharing the info.

    Best Regards,

  3. That’s a great phone, got some very good and useful features as well. Thanks

  4. This looks very nice. And unlike some of the alternatives out there, I’d actually trust a Nokia to work as it should and last as long as it should.


  5. A device such as the 5530 XpressMusic is MUCH NEEDED to speed up adoption of the “S60 5th edition” touch UI. It was a wise move from Nokia to cover the lower part of the market.

    Fanboyz always think that each new product has to be “better” than the previous one presented. It’s not true. Nokia is a global company with different markets and segments. It has to cover them all! So be patient. With the N97, 5800, and now the 5530 many more will get a Symbian smartphone which is the goal of it all!

  6. This is an awesome mobile phone. I really like the specification and the touch screen interactivity will be great.

  7. i’ve been using this phone for quite some time now..its an excellent phone.but i’ve been apple i phone user.this nokia phone is not upto the mark as compared to the Apple phone..

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