No More Thrown Away Paper With the Boogie Board Paperless LCD Tablet

Boogie Board Paperless LCD Tablet is a gadget which cuts down the thrown away paper.

Boogie Board Paperless LCD Tablet

The Boogie Board Paperless LCD Tablet is an eco-friendly device which will allow you to write down your ideas without wasting paper.

This gadget is fit for scribbling messages, writing to-do lists, sketching digital graffiti, doing sums and drawing.

The Boogie Board is so responsive it can even conjure up lines of different thickness according to the pressure applied – just like paper and pen.

You needn’t worry about cables and chargers because thanks to ingenious ‘reflex’ LCDs this wafer-thin gizmo requires only a small watch battery to power the erasing process.

Boogie Board Paperless LCD Tablet features:

  • Paperless LCD writing tablet
  • Write or doodle with the stainless steel, telescopic stylus
  • Use any non-scratchy tool to write: finger, pen cap, plastic compass, stiff brush, cookie cutter
  • Pressure-sensitive surface allows you to vary line weight
  • About as much writing space as a half sheet of letter sized paper
  • Ultra portable: Only 3mm thick and 120g
  • Erase with the touch of a button (and a cool flash from the display)
  • Durable materials will withstand years of use and abuse

Pricing and availability

The Boogie Board Paperless LCD Tablet price tag is £34.99 and you can find it at

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  1. Wow. The Boogie Board LCD tablet looks fantastic. I’m contstantly going through legal pads. If you think about it, you could use the table anywhere and it’s much more convenient than hauling pen and paper. For example, many people read magazines while working out. But if you would prefer mind-mapping or making notes about a project, you could easily use this tablet while on a treadmill or exercise bike. I love it how technology all works together.

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