Nintendo 3DS graphics

I don’t have to much time today so this post will be short.

My friend Adam just wrote a great post where he answer this questions: How much better do 3DS games look than DS games? Does 3DS put Nintendo ahead of Sony in the portable console wars? How does the iPhone compare to dedicated games machines?

The post compares the graphics of Nintendo DS vs Sony and vs iPhone.

You can read the Does the Nintendo 3DS Destroy iPhone & PSP Graphics? to see what portable game console has the best graphics.

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  1. I think the graphics on the 3ds are ok, I think PSP is way better. The iPhone is great but as far as running games, it drains the battery way to fast but they are fun.

  2. I really can’t wait for the Nintendo 3DS to hit the shelves. Ive been reading over the pre-order date and I can’t believe it’s next year?!

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