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A Shutterbug’s Choice!

With the inauguration of the Nikon 1 series, Nikon has started an absolutely fresh concept of the world of camera that has never been experienced before. A compact system camera range of digital snappers! This kind of cameras used to come with the brand tag of Panasonic, Olympus and a very few manufacturers. Nikon has recently tried its hands on this camera segment. With a superb interchangeable lens, Nikon has launched two compact cameras in the market in its 1 series. And they are Nikon 1 V1 and the Nikon 1 J1 respectively. Let’s explore the budget friendly J1 to get what it has to impress the amateur photographers around the world.


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Flaunt it with Smile!

Outfitted with a metallic casing, the J1 gives a complete premium feel to the user’s palms. The solid chassis of the snapper weighs 389 grams. Also, note its 10-30mm kit zoom if you think its way bulky! Yet it lacks the easy handling nature because of the absence of a proper finger grip. But all in all, this sturdy built camera is perfect when you want to kindle some envy in your foes and friends. You can also pick matching lenses from marketplace to compliment the look of the snapper.

Swarm of Features!

On the feature front, the Nikon 1, V1 and J1 are almost the same. Sporting a 10.1MP sensor, J1 renders a highest output of 3,872 x 2,592 pixels. And also delivers an option to record still images as packed in JPEGs or lossless RAW files. You can also low down its resolution power to 5 MP or 8 MP while shooting JPEGs. There are three excellent levels of quality to select from. And they are Fine, Normal and Basic respectively. Sadly, for a digital snapper of this price and kind, there is no choice of aspect ratios provided to set the settings. Image Sensitivity, in the meantime, differs from ISO 100-3200, with an accessible and extensive “Hi 1” setting of ISO 6400.


Nikon has made up its mind to utilize this feature to promote two of its new-fangled shooting modes – Motion Snapshot and Smart Photo Selector as a substitute.

Well, there are obvious differences between all the DSLR cameras, the compact system cameras and the Nikon 1 range of snappers. Nikon understands the aspiring photographers’ needs and therefore it has maintained simplicity inside its technology and machinery. Even a novice can operate it with an utmost ease.


Unfathomed Performance:

You don’t even need its viewfinder to make the most out of this handheld device. Outdoor images will look bright and exactly hear-winning as its display tackles sunlight just like a pro. No washed out images at all with J1! With snap shots captured during the daylight, all colors will appear just right and accurate. Minimum amount of color fringing even while facing the sunlight openly will surely impress you. The focusing of this camera is really fast and intuitive which is a superb quality of this digital clicker. Throughout the low-lit condition photography, the minute details are represented with minimum image grains as well.

ISO Settings:

The ISO setting on this digital camera ranges from 100 – 3200. You will get crisp and clear image detailing at ISO 100. However, right from the ISO level of 800, the noise level starts to increase. The sensor can only suppress the noise levels well when the ISO ranges from 100 – 400.


An All Time Achiever!

No doubt, Nikon has its celebrated image in the industry. This single quintessential is just one of its image creators. However, its ISO setting causes quite unsatisfactory results. If you are craving for an aficionado system camera with an ultimate capability of providing superior image quality, then you should give J1 a miss. But for the folks with a desire to bag a compact digital snapper with better performance along with the boons of interchangeable lenses, then J1 is indeed a worthy pick so far.

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