Newest Technological Innovations Coming to Homes Soon

Technology has changed how we interface with practically every aspect of our lives. We no longer visit record stores, book stores, or hail cabs, because we can use Spotify or Pandora, Amazon Kindle, and Uber right from our phones. But technology is not only changing how we interact with the outside world, it is even changing how we interact with our own homes. Here are the top five newest technological innovations coming to homes soon.

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Amazon Echo

With Tap, Dot, and a personal assistant who responds to your voice named Alexa, Amazon Echo has dominated the smart home industry in recent times. As the trend spreads, we will see this become a staple in most modern homes. Amazon Echo integrates with other Internet of Things products as well to do everything from controlling your thermostat to dimming your lights to keep your home in tune with you.

Wifi Everywhere with Google Wifi

Google Wifi looks like a modern white cylinder, but allows you to create a wireless access point anywhere in your home and also manage and secure your network with intelligent features. No more room without signal, because Google wifi moves with you, so you have the best signal possible at any point in your house.

Smart Vents

Do you have one room in your house that is always too chilly or too hot, no matter the setting on your thermostat? Enter Keen’s Smart Vent System which regulates the temperature of your home in each and every room. This way, everyone can be comfortable.

Smart Batteries Keep Your Family Safe

In emergency events such as fires, you want to be among the first to know, and, of course, you always want to make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are up and running. With Roost smart batteries for your pre-existing smoke alarms, you’ll receive notifications if your battery is ever low and if you’re away and there is an emergency in your home.

Control Access to Your Home With Smart Locks

We all know about the security impact of controlling access to our networks, but what about our homes? With the August SmartLock, you can control the security of your home by automatically locking doors behind you, allow specific guests access for lengths of time set by you, and also view logs of everyone who has entered or exited your home. This is a great and quick addition to any smart home security system. Wireless security system cameras are also a great addition to your home security options.

As the Internet continues to grow and our technology and homes get smarter, we will see even more devices and automation in our everyday lives. Initial costs to turn your home into a smart home are steadily declining, so we will begin to see these devices in homes everywhere which will make everyone’s lives a little easier.

By Eileen O’Shanassy

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