New Technology Innovations in Automotive Industry

It’s the dream of every modern person to own the latest and most technologically advanced vehicle, every so often the automotive industry welcomes new and improved cars that leave motorists in adoration. Whether you’re a fan of SUVs, sedans or station wagons there’s always something special waiting for you. Here are some recent innovations that have got people talking.


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Self-driving cars:

Also known as autonomous vehicles or driverless cars, these road machines are capable of transporting the motorist from one location to another without using the steering for navigation. The automobile functions by gauging or sensing its surrounding environment, and finding its own way amidst the obstacle without direct human input. "Selfdrives" assess their environment using various techniques such as radar, GPS, lidar cameras as well as computer vision.

A set of advanced controller systems infer sensory data to find appropriate navigation routes. Nonetheless, some independent vehicles can update their respective maps based on integral sensory antennas. This allows them to keep-on-track even when traffic conditions alter, or when the car enters uncharted environments. Some key benefits of this technology include:

a) Minimal traffic collisions due to the computer system’s reliability and faster reaction time compared to human motorists.

b) Passengers are relived off stressful driving and street navigation chores

c) Higher speed-limit compared to other standard automobiles

d) Enhanced roadway capacity as well as reduced traffic blockage due to lesser need for safety-gaps, and of course the capacity to manoeuvre through traffic better.

Free-wheel suspension technology:

This function allows the car’s kinetic force to be adopted for the better, when adjusted to zero-load state the clutch would automatically disengage while the engine holds position at basic idling speed. As such, one can drive the vehicle for extended distances without using too much fuel as is the case if the engine was in full use.

The benefit of freewheel in matters fuel consumption is based on the fact that, your car’s kinetic energy would effectively be used to overcome rolling resistance as well as aerodynamic drag. With this advanced technology, you will not have to keep the engine running at high-speed on overrun. If the motorist indicates that they want to slow down the vehicle by pushing on their braking pedal, the clutch unit would be engaged once more to utilize overrun switch-off effects of the vehicle ignition system.

Consequently, fuel consumption would be regulated and the braking effect standardized for better functioning. Minus console found on the improved steering wheel can as well be used to provide more stability when driving through rough terrains. Even so, the overall efficiency of this system depends on predictive driving style adopted by the motorist.

After a short familiarization period the motorist will finally adapt longer overrun distances on the vehicle, and be in a position to intuitively lift the foot off his accelerator in good time when approaching areas with traffic built-up. As much as these modern rides are the talk of town, one needs to have a driver’s license in order to use them.

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