New Sony Playstation Portable The PSP Go!

Sony’s plans to reintroduce the Playstation Portable as the PSP Go!

Playstation Portable  PSP Go

The new Playstation Portable is called the PSP Go! and it will boast of the following improvements:

– A slide-in feature that will allow for a bigger screen for the Playstation Portable.  Indeed, you think that the current widescreen LCD of the Playstation Portable is big enough?  Wait until you see the new PSP Go!

– No more UMD support.  The cartridge slot at the back has been removed to give way to the slide-in feature.  Games will now be downloaded digitally.  For those who don’t have access to internet or WiFi connections, download kiosks will be established in popular destinations so that players can conveniently get their gaming fix.

– Flip-in/flip-out controllers to allow the outer layer screen to slide in.

– 16 GB of built-in memory.  Wow!  Say goodbye to those 4GB memory cards.

– An extra analog stick – finally!

– A series of add-ons under the Go! brand.  There will be Go! 1.3 mega pixel cameras, aptly entitled the Go!Cam.  There will be Go!View which is a movie download service. And there are other Go! products being planned as we speak.

– An improved online download service.  The Playstation Store will be restructured specifically for the PSP Go!

PSP Go will be released on October 1, 2009. You can preorder it from here.

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  1. Old news and most of this article is wrong. The PSP Go! actually features a slightly smaller screen. It doesn’t feature an extra analog stick. And there has been no official announcement of a 1.3MP add-on camera for the PSP Go! as of yet.

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing this. The download-only content is an interesting idea, but where will the kiosks be positioned? Even these days not everyone has internet access.

  3. I’ve seen Sony PSP 1.3MP Camera here

  4. I guess some of those improvements are pretty cool but whats with all the new versions of the same system, there’s been like 3 or 4 versions of the DS, now theres PSP GO!. If they are guna come out with something new why not make a whole new system instead of all these upgrades, its been few years since DS and PSP came out.

  5. This is so cool! The 16GB memory is a wonderful upgrade. That’s a ton of games that can be stored, one would never get bored! And the bigger screen, I was pretty satisfied with the screen size already, but this is even better. Thanks!

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    “A slide-in feature that will allow for a bigger screen for the Playstation Portable. Indeed, you think that the current widescreen LCD of the Playstation Portable is big enough? Wait until you see the new PSP Go!..16 GB of built-in memory. Wow! Say goodbye to those 4GB memory cards.”

    I think this is a very cool unit. One of the best thing about this is its sliding layer screen which gives a lot of room for the screen. The memory too is amazing! Imagine how many games you can store in that 16 GB unit?! But I guess, this won’t surely come cheap.

  7. i want psp go ! how much ?

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    I’m looking forward to seeing this. Awsome! Thanks for the article!

  9. Still unsure as to whether I like the new design. The old PSP, whilst a bit chunky and bulky, did have a certain style and class. This new model looks a little plasticky, and less robust.

    Not sure about having the 16GB built in memory either, with no option for expansion. 16GB sounds like a lot, but will easily get filled up with movies and memory-heavy games. Can’t see people liking having to choose between games that they’ve bought.

  10. This is an awesome device. I love the PSP Portable. Its very beautiful. I like using it so much. Such a terrific gadget. The memory too is amazing! Two Thumbs Up!!!

  11. As the day pass by so fast so does the technology I am so amazed how are the new gadgets changes new feature and whole packaging so quick:-)

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