New Phone App For The Best Rap Artist

A newly released phone application is a great way to determine some of the best rappers in the game. This phone application goes by the name of "Rap Wars." It gives anyone the chance to record their rap talent on uploaded recordings. It also makes for a great application for just listening to free music. Even though some amateur’s music might now sound the best, others might blow you away with how talented they are.


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How Does It Work in Detail?

Anybody including your grandma can download the phone application and upload their rap music battles. The idea behind the application is to see how well you can hold yourself in a rap battle. Find a mainstream song that you want to have as your background beat and start recording your rap from there. You will get sixty seconds to record your best rap so make the time count. Once finished, upload your song to the live network archive. On the Rap Wars network there will be voting and enthusiasts commenting on what they think is the best. The votes don’t lie.

Why Even Try This?

The network of rap recordings will involve a lot of amateur work but isn’t that kind of the fun of it. Amateur music is new stuff that is unheard and could go viral very fast. This gives people a chance to listen to cool beats for free while listening to raw rap music what artists battle after each other.

Not recording any rap battles is perfectly fine. Don’t forget to become active in the social network inside the application though. Without feedback, nobody knows how good the recordings actually are then. It’s very important for people using the application to be social and express their true opinions.

Will I Waste My Time on Amateurs?

Moderators do filter out horrible recordings for the entertainment sake of their visitors. I totally agree with this idea because I don’t need to be hearing "White Johnny" rap about his momma living in a trailer (terrible music). It’s good that everyone attempts but some just don’t have half of what it takes to make a rap battle. Vote on who you think is the best at battling.

Ideas If I Can’t Rap

The network invokes a lot of funny white boys rapping about funny stuff. If you can’t rap but want to contribute, maybe use your imagination or other skills on how you can entertain. I can honestly say that I can’t rap but I listen to others and highly enjoy it. I’ve always had this wish to create a very comical rap mix, but fear getting made fun or hated on sort of say. Don’t be a coward like me! Get to your drawing board and make the beats rain.

Again, the phone app can be found on the iPhone and iPad network. It was free of cost for a while there while trying to broadcast it. At most, might cost you a couple dollars now or in the future.

This author loves rap music and isn’t afraid to hide it. Us white guys have to stay strong on what we believe too. Chris W. isn’t afraid to admit to listening to gangster rap.

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