New Gadgets That Will Improve Your Life

The world of technology is constantly inundated with snazzy new gadgets. Nowadays we seem to be very attached to our gadgets. Perhaps this is because many of them are expensive and thus perceived as valuable and special. I think it’s more to do with the fact that the various advances in technology constantly amaze us and encourage a desire to possess the newest and most wondrous items. There are even tv shows dedicated to obsessing over gadgets, such as Stephen Fry’s Gadget Man, which follows the actor and television personality around as he showcases a vast number of technological gizmos. The problem is that many of the gadgets featured seem rather superficial, and essentially useless in everyday life. While Stephen Fry may be entertained you aren’t really likely to purchase a pair of rollerskates with motors attached or a robotic dog – real dogs are much better. The whole point of technology is to enhance our lives and assist us in our everyday tasks. Here is a list of some of the most useful and innovative gadgets from recent years.

Electronic Cigarettes

The last decade has seen a remarkable shift in attitudes to health and fitness. Because of this more and more people are growing tired of polluting their bodies with tobacco smoke. The electronic cigarette is a brilliant solution for smokers since it allows them to satisfy their nicotine fix without the harmful side effects of inhaling tobacco. Also, since e-cigarettes utilise vapour rather than smoke you can legally smoke them anywhere, from the office to to bars and clubs. This is great news for those of us who feel overly restricted by the smoking bans of recent years. The growing popularity of electronic cigarette companies like Ex Cig ( is testament to this shift in attitude towards the technological marvels!

Electronic Luggage Trackers

Losing your luggage on holiday can be absolutely ruin an otherwise amazing experience. Around 3,000 bags are lost every hour of every day so the chances it will happen to you are actually greater than you may have thought. Thankfully you can rest easy by purchasing an electronic luggage tracker such as the Trakdot luggage which provides a wealth of features that will keep you connected to your luggage no matter where it may be. These trackers work by sending notifications to your phone to let you know exactly where your luggage is located. So long as your phone is working you will be safe in the knowledge that your luggage is not lost.

iPhone Charger Cases

Pretty much every iPhone user I know uses a case – it just makes sense. By using a good case you can greatly improve the chances that your phone will survive if it happens to fall out of your pocket or off a table. But what if you could combine protection and portable charging in one case? Well the good news is that battery cases now exist! Companies like Mophie manufacture innovative cases that are durable, ergonomic and, best of all, can charge your iPhone up to 120% while on the go. This innovative solution is bound to make iPhone users’ lives significantly better. Just imagine being at a music festival safe in the knowledge that you have a full extra charge at hand.

By Ben Cody

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