New gadget the MP3 Alarm Clock

There is a new gadget in the online shops the Mp3 Player clock.


The Mp3 player has a retro style look and it will wake you up with your favorite song.

Mp3 Player clock features:

  • Customize your alarm clock with any combo of the included sounds (birds, hammer etc), or use an MP3 file of your choice (up to 45 seconds)
  • Hands glow in the dark
  • Silver bells ( they don’t ring as it’s a MP3 clock!) but look like the real deal
  • Black body, silver bells and feet
  • White clock face, with classic number text.
  • 30 combinations of alarm sounds to play with
  • Accepts a wide variety of sound sources including MP3, music CD,PC audio files, Microphone, Line-in
  • Old sound will be overwritten by new downloaded sound
  • Free library Sound Bank available
  • Standard length of recording is around 50 seconds
  • Users need a PC running Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista with USB port

The Mp3 Player clock is available at boysstuff for £19.95.

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  1. As much as I like new technology, there is something to be said for the design aesthetic of older technology, and I think that some people appreciate the old-school style with the latest technology capabilities.

    I think this is an alarm clock I would like to have.

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