New gadget i-mate Ultimate

Cool new gadget i-mate

i-mate announced newest range of Windows Mobile devices the WM6-equipped “Ultimate” range by shoving a full five models out the door, all differing only in form factor.

i-mate gadget is dedicated to the collaborative design and development of fully certified, wireless handheld device. i-mate’s cutting edge, customer-centric solution offers the latest technology and device features.See the five model for this cool hi tech gadget:

New gadget i-mate Ultimate 4

It provides customers the ultimate mobile experience for business, for pleasure, for life, with value-added services such as Hosted Exchange email, mobile security with Pointsec and antiviral support with Computer Associates eTrust Antivirus, and exclusive interactive games.

i-mate gadget specification: 256MB of ROM, VGA displays across the board, tri-band 3G radios, Bluetooth 2.0, and FM radios.


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  1. Those look pretty cool…hope they come in different colors though. When they have linux phones coming out like crazy, I’ll be excited though 😉

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