New gadget for gaming Cyborg Rumble Gamepad


Saitek introduced an interesting new gaming gadget the Cyborg Rumble gamepad.

Cyborg Rumble gamepad allows you to change the location of the left analog stick and D-pad.

Also very cool is the Precision Control mode that allows you to choose the buttons on the gamepad to desensitize when the mode is activated, making sniping and precision tasks easier.

Pricing and availability for the Cyborg Rumble gamepad are currently unknown.

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  1. Irfan @ Cash property sale

    Nice one. I like it. I love gadgets

  2. I like the idea, this game pad could be great with a N64 emulator 🙂

  3. Wow! that gamepad looks pretty sexy. It can definitelly be a serious rival to the Micrisoft XboX/PC gamepad.

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