New gadget car cassette player accepts iPod

A new car gadget is here cassette player that accepts iPod.

There are several ways to connect your iPod to your car’s stereo ranging from simple and poor sounding to complex and high fidelity.

JPPadula user of  had plenty of time and passion to create one of the most brilliant iPod gadget cradle units anyone has seen so far to date.

JPPadula modifyed an OEM cassette player, making it accept an iPod effortlessly.

All the user needs to do is to slide it in like a normal cassette and start enjoying favorite songs.

Once you’re done and parked your car, press the eject button, and your iPod will slide out effortlessly just like an ordinary cassette.

He has also included custom made Apple button controls which allow you to select the source on a Kenwood deck via the iPod interface.

The chassis is made from steel stock lined with suede, while the cassette mechanism gear has been modified to accommodate the iPod.

I have no information regarding the orders for this car gadget. I don’t know if JPPadula will be taking orders.

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