New from LG the XPION R20, S20 Core 2 Quad desktops

LG has announced two new premium desktop models, the desktops will be released under LG’s XPION brand..

new XPION R20, S20 Core 2 Quad desktops

LG XPION R20 features:

  • 2 Core Quad Q8200 processor
  • 3GB RAM
  • GeForce 9500GS graphics card
  • new cooling system that uses MDPC Technology (Multi Direction Platform Cooling) that makes it run quietly

XPION LS 20 features:

  • 2 Core Quad Q9400
  • GeForce 9600GT graphics card


That are the rumors for now we will have to wait for LG official news to find out more.

There are no info’s about the prices.

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  1. WOW those systems look great, defo i good step up from normal white plain colours.

  2. Whoah! A must have.

  3. good job, LG

  4. wow, fantastic gadget, i wonder how much is the price for this gadget?

  5. That is a sexy chasis, why can’t dell make pc’s that look like this?

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