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Gaming is one of my favorite ways of using my free time. Nowadays we travel a lot which can be really boring and this is why we see more and more people using tablets and phones. When you go to and off work or school you need something to distract yourself.

Most people when using the bus, train or subway prefer to use their smart devices to stay connected with friends via social networks and to play simple games.

The online gaming industry grew larger in the last few years because more and more people play games using smart devices.


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Today I am going to show you a little fun game created by Travian Games. It is called Miramagia and it is a fun fantasy farm game.

You can play it for free online. It is using a web browser and it is a fantasy mmorpg which allows the user to use powerful spells, grow a variety of plants and even grow a dragon.

You will have to choose a class for your character. There are available several classes to opt from: Mage/Magess, Sorcerer/Sorceress, Druid/Druidess or Shaman.

As a farmer you will be able to grow mystical plants and trade them, but the best part is that you can grow a dragon and participate in fun and exciting dragon races.

With your dragon you can win special prizes in the free Farm Game

Your character could develop all sorts of spells using the Magic Laboratory and it will also be a part of a community. Using the spells in a village is fun because you can do all sorts of sun things from pranking your neighbors to decorating your village.

The Miramagia is also exciting because you will get a quest daily and several challenging alchemy experiments.

Gaming is one of my favorite activities and simple games are a fun way to spend time.

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