New Driver-to-driver Communication Gadgets: The Animator

If you spend a lot of time in traffic you probably accumulate a lot of emotions. The guys from Drivemotion thought about this and launched a new driver-to-driver communication gadget called the Animator.


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The Drivemotion gadget was designed to be attached inside your rear car window. It uses LEDs to display emotions and messages to the driver behind.


By downloading the software available at drivers can used their creativity to create all sorts of messages like smiley faces or sad ones. In plus with the help if this computer software you can create texts for other drivers.

Your creative messages can be transferred into the Animator by simply using the USB port.


Watch this video o see how the software works

The Animator will be available on the market soon. For now you should know hat Drivemotion co. launches new social driver to driver communication Gadget – Animator! and you can support their efforts on Kickstarter.

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