My cool travel gadget the Devotec Solar Charger

I’ve just got a new gadget, the Devotec Solar Charger.


This solar charger is a great travel gadget. It can charge:

  • from older Nokia phones to N series, Sony Ericsson, Motorola/Blackberry/mini USB and Samsung phones.
  • Mp3/Mp4 players
  • PDA’s
  • Digital cameras
  • other USB devices.

I liked this gadget form the minute I saw it. When it arrived I opened the pack and used it right on the street to charge my phone. It took almost one hour (the battery wasn’t completely empty) and after that the phone battery indicator showed maximum.


When I got home I used it to charge my mp3 player.

The charging time of the solar charger battery is about 12 hours by solar, 4 hours by USB/AC. You can transfer the energy from the charger battery to your mobile phone battery in about one hour, and you can talk to others while charging.

The charger weighs under 80-grams and measures just 95- x 43- x 10-millimeters. It easy to carry just put it in your pocket. The stainless steel case and the leather pouch that comes with the charger make it even more portable.

The Devotec Solar Charger is small, useful and cost just £19.99 (aprox $40) 🙂 . You should get one.

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  1. Jerlene Duquaine

    That looks great. I live in a campervan so often don’t have access to a power supply.

  2. I want this one. I am looking for chargers where I can use my gadgets even when traveling.

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