MX10 TV Box Review

I just got a new gadget to review – the MX10 TV Box from Gearbest.

It is a cool Tv box which costs less than $70 and it has good technical specifications. It runs on Android 7.1.2 and comes with 4GB DDR3 + 32GB eMMC memory and also it accepts SD cards and an external hard drive (1 to I TB).

I like to watch movies on my old TV (a full HD, non-smart TV) and the goal was to transform the “dumb” TV into a smart one.

The MX10 proved to be the right tool for this job. I connected it to the TV using the included HDMI cable and after configuring the WIFI settings (typing the user and the password) I had a smart TV.

The TB box comes with some default apps for playing music, viewing images and watching videos on you tube. The Chrome browser and the Google Play Store were also installed.

MX10 TV Box Review 1

Netflix was already installed so on my first tests I watched a few episodes from the House of cards and watched a few videos on Youtube (again the app was installed).

Using the Google Play Store I installed the TED app to watch some talks.

Everything worked fine: the device boots fast – in under 15 seconds, the apps load fast and it responded promptly to my commands.

MX10 TV Box Review 2

The only thing which bothered me was the remote control because it is quite difficult to maneuver. I had a Wireless Mini Keyboard USB with Touchpad and I used it. This gadget really makes things easy. Everything was faster so I won’t recommend using a TV box (any Tv box, not just the MX10) without one. It is a great companion to a TV box and a good one costs less that $15 (see this model).

Using an audio cable (not included in the pack), I connected the Tv box to my 5.1 Home theatre and the sound quality was good. I enjoyed listening a few songs.

In conclusion

A very good deal. For less than $70 you will get a Tv box which is easy to use, comes with the most helpful apps installed, and the sound and image quality is very good. It is a practical solution for transforming an old Tv into a smart one and enjoying movies, songs and images. The video games also work on this device.

As ab advice do not buy any TV box without also buying a Wireless Mini Keyboard USB with Touchpad.

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