Must-Have Gear for Hunters

Hunting at its most basic needs very little equipment. It’s one of the oldest occupations after all, and tribes the world over have gotten by with little more than a knife and the tools that can be made with it. Most of us in the modern world, though, don’t have the luxury of spending enough time hunting to be able to develop the skills to consistently track, take down, and retrieve game with just the bare-bones basics. Going with something as primitive as a simple bow or spear also increases the chance of your quarry meeting a protracted and painful end rather than the quick and ethical kill that’s the modern hunter’s ideal. To help achieve this goal, here are some great gadgets to take on your next hunt:

Laser Rangefinder

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Laser Rangefinder

Plan the perfect shot by taking the guesswork out of it. A good laser rangefinder can be accurate to within a yard, and Bushnell’s Fusion 1 Mile ARC combines binoculars with a laser rangefinder that has modes that compensate for elevation in addition to bow and rifle settings and a targeting system.

Game Caller

Not just for duck hunting, these are very handy if you want your quarry to come to you instead of having to track it. Also useful for when you want, say, a deer to pause in its tracks and present you with a good shot. Each call needs the right calling technique though, and you need to know how the call should sound like, how much to call, and when and where to call.


A good waterproof watch is essential, and with today’s outdoorsman models, you can frequently multitask your wrist accessory to display much more than the time and date, with such additional functions as an altimeter, barometer, and compass. Just make sure that the model you get has the basics: waterproofing, night visibility, and rugged construction.

Weather Meter

While a seasoned outdoorsman might be able to read volumes in the set of clouds and gauge wind direction and wind speed just by holding a finger up in the air, less expert hunters will probably be thankful to have a device that can gauge temperature, pressure, humidity, altitude, and wind speed and direction. Having a good grasp of local weather goes beyond assuring that next shot and planning the rest of your day – it can even save you from potential disaster.

Collapsible Monopod and Camp Stool

These two are not the highest of tech, but they’re among the most useful gadgets you can carry: The monopod gives you a stable shot anywhere, anytime regardless of how tired you are. At first glance the folding camp stool might seem like an indulgence that ruins both the romantic image of a hunter kneeling in the dirt and drawing a bead, as well as the macho casualness of sitting on the ground. Try getting a shot in tall grass though, and that camp stool suddenly comes in handy. Having a relatively comfortable seat to rest on also means you can travel farther and arrive in better condition, both of which make for better hunting.

Brandon Peters is an entrepreneur, writer, and outdoors enthusiast. He enjoys finding new ways to experience nature.

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