Must-have Gadgets for Travelling Seniors

Travelling is one of the most beautiful experiences that anybody can have. And regardless of age, it’s something that should be enjoyed by everyone. Seniors who long for more adventures are in luck with today’s technology. Here are some must-have gadgets to feel more safe, secured, and more convenient in your next trip.

Point and Shoot Camera

What good are those panoramic sceneries you’ve seen when you won’t be able to capture them? Make sure to document how glorious the Niagara Falls was or how splendid the Windsor Castle was. Your travel stories are best told when you have accompanying photos to show your friends and family, that’s why a camera will prove very handy throughout your trip. Opt for a point and shoot camera because it’s so much easier to operate. It offers features that you basically need like flash, night mode setting, and self-timer. Additionally, you can use it to record videos for more breathtaking captures of both sights and sounds.


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E-pill Reminder

While you are out exploring new places, make sure you do not neglect your daily vitamins and medication so as to avoid undesirable medical emergencies that will ruin your trip. Carry a handy e-pill reminder with you. It’s like your normal pill dispenser but it features digital alarm and reminder that indicates when it’s time to take your next doze, including how much should be taken. Choose a design that is compact enough that you won’t have a problem bringing anywhere.


A GPS will serve as your best travel buddy if you are travelling with your car. From which route to take best to where the nearest gas station is, this device will lead you to your desired destination without unraveling a huge map. A good GPS is equipped with preloaded maps, but if you are visiting a foreign country, make sure to have your GPS updated ahead by your tech support.


Without a doubt, this device is a must-have when travelling. It’s a great way to connect with your family at home and it’s definitely a helpful tool in case of emergency. Make sure to store the contact information of the hospital, fire station, police department, and other important numbers in the area where you will be staying. There are several senior friendly cellular phones out there than offers basic features like calling and texting, which you’ll feel very comfortable having especially during emergencies.



If you want to be all techy in your trip, don’t forget to pack your tablet with you. It’s a great gadget to escape boredom during your flight or your long bus ride. Gear it up with your favorite puzzle games and make sure you have downloaded a Kindle app to catch up on your reading. Also, it’s perfect when you’re looking for information like where to eat or what other hotel options you have if you happen to not like what you had originally booked. It’s also very handy when it comes to getting in touch with loved ones or receiving important documents through email.

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