Must Have Gadgets for a Techie Truck Driver

In most social circles, placing the words “Techie” and “Truck Driver” in the same phrase or sentence would cause great consternation due to the age long stereotypes most commoners have about truck drivers, as totally self-reliant breed of individuals who sail through major roads for days on end, without communicating with either family or colleagues.

One cannot truly fault the public’s perception of truck drivers as hard core individuals with little or no regard for society due to Hollywood’s misrepresentation of the trade in popular movies such as Joy Ride and Suspect Zero but in reality, truckers are your average family mean and women seeking to build a professional career on the road while still keeping in touch with family, friends and colleagues at home.

Top 5 Gadgets for Truck Drivers

The need to communicate effectively while keeping to the rules of the road as well as to receive latest news updates, and track destinations are some of the major reasons while drivers visit tech stores or surf for the latest addition to the growing list of gadgets that make communicating much easier. These gadgets generally fall under four categories which are:

Communication Gadgets:


These are generally mobile devices which allow the user to communicate at his or her own convenience.

Geo Location Gadgets:


These are tracking system to help both amateur and experienced drivers locate destinations

§ Recreational Gadgets: these are devices that can be used to spice up mundane activities without the need to be physically involved in their use

§ Information Gadgets: are mobile items that can be used to either communicate or receive information about the general public.

Voice Activated Bluetooth Device: holding a mobile phone while driving is against all state laws and it carries stiff penalties that may affect a driver’sability to make his or her living in the transportation industry which makes Bluetooth calling devices the best communication tool for truck drivers. Not just any Bluetooth device will do because if your hand must be on the steering wheel at all times, then you must choose a safe means of placing calls without dialing on a keypad and this is where the voice activated device comes in.

Portable Laptops:


This is of course not a gadget to be used while driving but in your recess periods. A truckerslaptop should be well equipped with applications such as Skype, Google + and other communication enabling software so he or she can constantly keep in touch with family members while on the road. Some laptops can also be upgraded to serve as GPS tracking devices to provide truckers with important information about their locations.

A satellite Radio:


It is common knowledge that in some remote communities, the availability of Wi-Fi networks is a forgone issue and the only alternatives left for communicating and receiving updates lies in having either a two way radio or a satellite radio. The limited range of two way radios make satellite radios the best communication option for truckers who may go to remote areas for it provides the user with a wide frequency range and even some recreational music.

Installing a GPS System:


GPS devices function in two ways that can be truly beneficial for truck drivers; it helps a driver pin-point and find locations with ease as well as provides them with a measure of safety due to the fact that an installed GPS system can be tracked from a work station.

An Entertainment System: modern trucks these days come with their own in-built entertainment systems to entertain drivers while on the road but for those who do not have one in-built into their trucks, installing an entertainment system, at a convenient location in your vehicle will definitely help you ease into difficult days.

Happy trucking

Author Bio: Peter Smith is a very experienced writer who writes about gadgets and latest technology. He also works for a hitches website and if you want to purchase B&W trailer hitches then this would be the best place for you.

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