Must-Have Free Apps For Working Parents

It’s so hard to make time for everything. We want to be successful in our career, we want our family to be happy and we want to spend as much time with them as possible. Hopefully, this infographic from HappyCleans will help you to balance things a little better. It features apps that help you to stay organised in every area of your life.

Any family has about a million appointments to keep track of but apps like Continuous Care can help to bring some order to the mayhem as you can store schedule appointments and medical records for everyone in the family on the app.

One task many parents struggle with is getting their kids into a routine. It can be so hard to get them to help out with even little things around the house. Apps like Happy Kids Timer help younger kids get used to doing tasks without your direct supervision. It includes cool animations and music to keep them motivated. Find out about a great range of free apps in the infographic now.

Must-Have Free Apps For Working Parents 1

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