Must-Have Electronics For Business Use

Technology has significantly touched and changed our lives. And while it is something that we take advantage of to meet our personal needs, businesses are also undoubtedly enjoying its many wonders. From out of this world devices to awesomely practical gadgets, offices are definitely using it to become more time and money efficient. Here are some must-have electronics that will help increase productivity and allow you to enjoy more of technology.


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Business Laptop

Weapons are to soldiers as laptops are to employees. This is the case for many office employees who need to deal with reports, presentations, email correspondents and other day-to-day tasks. Desktops are still often used and more economical, but a portable computer or business laptop is always excellent when it comes to storing files, exchanging data, and even communicating through email and video. For functionality and good value for your money, choose a laptop that especially meets your business needs. The HP Envy dv7t, for instance, boasts of strong battery life, a powerful processor, and significant amount of storage and memory. At about $910.00 USD, this one has several connectivity options and has a spacious, high-resolution display. For those with budget above $1,000 USD, the Lenovo ThinkPad W is also a good choice. It is capable of handling several programs at once with upgradeable options to allow it to do even more.

Reliable Tablet

When being on-the-go becomes a norm among employees, a tablet is the most practical tool to carry around. It not only allows email or video communication anywhere, it’s also capable of storing important files and opening them without setting up a whole computer. This is ideal for sales executives who need to present photos or other data to their clients during a meeting at a coffee shop or anywhere that isn’t in a stiff office setting. There are a lot to choose from in the market, like Apple iPad 2 or third generation iPad, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, and Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700. But whenever you can, opt to go for a tablet that has a sharp and crisp high-resolution display, lightweight, and provides 4G LTE option to better connect.

Eco-Friendly Printer

“Please consider the environment before printing this.” This is a familiar line that we often see in email signatures. Printing documents these days are seen as an attack to the environment so without detaching yourself from technology, find a way to be more eco-friendly in other form, like in choosing what printer to use. For small offices, a Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901 is a good choice because it features "Eco Mode" settings which automatically turns on energy saver settings and 2-sided printing to reduce both electricity and paper waste. It also has separate ink cartridges for each of the four colors, which means that you can change the color that you need to without throwing out valuable ink. Brother MFC-6490CW, on the other hand is good for larger prints or projects. From the peak 29W power consumption, it is reduced to a mere 6W in Standby mode, and further reduced to 4W during Sleep mode. As well, it has individual color ink cartridges help in the reduction of valuable ink waste.

Widescreen Monitor

Widescreen monitors could be a necessity for designers and other job designations, but it could also be perfect for your conference room. Providers like Polycom and Skype offer free or paid packages for video collaboration solutions perfect for any type of business. Digital meetings are better experienced not only through good connection but also through crisp visual and sharp screen resolution. The Asus VG278HE 27in, 29-inch Dell UltraSharp U2913WM, and Philips 298P4 with 29 inches are among the favorite widescreen monitors. Pair it with an impeccable surround sound speaker and you’ll find that team meetings and other visual viewings will definitely be more inspiring and productive.

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