Must-Have Apps for Dog Owners

Being a dog owner surely is a big responsibility, but we all know how fun it is as well. And by using a smartphone you can make spending time with your dog even more interesting. It is safe to say that there is an app for absolutely everything today. This means that there are also many of these that have been specifically designed to be used by dog owners. And with so many apps available, choosing the best ones is never an easy task. We made a list of 5 apps that might just be what you need. Keep reading to find out more about them.

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DoggyDatez is an app that you can use to help your dog make new friends. The app allows you to “mark your territories” and see who else visits it. That way, both you and your dog can make new friends at the places you usually visit. The app also allows you to search for other users by gender, dog gender, age, dog age and dog breed. It is a perfect app for anyone who wants to make some new friends or help their furry friend meet someone new they can play with.

Dog Boogie


We all like taking photos of our dogs, but this is quite a difficult thing to do usually. No matter how many times you do it, you will hardly ever get your canine friend to look directly into the camera. Well, Dog Boogie is here to help. This app comes with sound effects that are guaranteed to make your dog look at the camera while you are taking a photo. The app also allows you to share the photos on both Facebook and Twitter.

Pet First Aid

Apps for dog owners aren’t only meant for fun, there are plenty of these that might be very useful in some emergency situations. This is the case with Pet First Aid by American Red Cross. This is an app that is guaranteed to provide you with all the necessary tools in case an emergency happens. First of all, it helps you locate the nearest vet hospital if your dog needs one. In addition, it will help you learn to treat everything from an alergic reaction to a severe cut on your dog.

Pet Coach

Just like people, dogs need to get a fair amount of exercise every day. Having an app that can help you keep track of how much your dog has walked or run is always a good idea. Still, Pet Coach does not only do this, it also offers you a chance to ask for the right diet for your four-legged friend. What you can do is take a photo of your dog and send it pet nutritionist via the app and get the perfect diet plan for your dog. All the healthy food your dog might need is available at Net to Pet.


Nowadays, people lead busy lives, which means you may not always have enough free time to take your dog a for a walk. In such cases, you will have to turn to a local dog walker for help. Trottr is an app that will help you locate the nearest dog walker and contact them. The app also allows you to schedule walks and pay through the app with just a few taps on your smartphone. The app will ensure you the dog walker you turn to is a real professional and is going to treat your dog nicely.

Make sure you give all of these apps a try and you’ll see how fun and useful they can be.

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