Mp4 to Mp3 Conversion – The Right Way to Do It

Some people still have problems learning how to convert mp4 to mp3 because mp4 is not yet widely supported. However that is beginning to be less of a problem as more and more programs are now appearing that support direct conversion between the two formats.

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How to Convert

The process may vary depending on what applicator you are using. But the following general outline should be applicable to most if not all of them.

Step 1

Download the program and install it.

Step 2

Choose Open, import or add files and add all the mp4 files you want to convert.

Step 3

Once the mp4 files are in the program, change the output setting to mp3 if it set to another format.

Step 4

Click convert and wait for the program to convert all those files.

Note that there are a lot of mp4 to mp3 conversions available online. Some are free while others require payment. If you only want to do basic conversions then there is no need to pay for one. But if you require more functions, then you may want to consider looking for a paid program.

While these programs usually work without a hitch it may take a while if you are converting a lot of mp4 files. This means that you have to look at your hardware capability too. If you are going to convert a lot of files, then it’s best to let the program run alone and not do other tasks during the conversion process.

What is the Difference between Mp4 and Mp3?

The basic difference between the two is that mp3 only holds audio while mp4 supports images, audio, video and text. Mp3 was made courtesy of the Moving Pictures Experts Group, and it is made for audio compression which can be uploaded and downloaded on the web. Mp4 on the other hand, was created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Unlike mp3, this format is a full multimedia format and can be used for Internet video streaming.

While there are major differences, they also share some common features like filer compression so they don’t take up a lot of disk space. While a lot of devices are marketed as being mp4 players, not all of them are compatible with the format, so choose wisely.

Mp3 came out in 1999 while mp4 was released in 2003, and while mp3 is an extension of mp2, mp4 is actually an extension of the QuickTime technology developed by Apple, so mp4 is not an extension of mp3, as some people believe.

More about Mp4

This format is a multimedia container format that can store not just multimedia files but even subtitles. Just like mp3 it can reduce the size of files. Mp4 also relies on AVC technology for coding videos and this enables it to compress video which would normally eat plenty of space. What makes mp4 so attractive is that it allows you to compress videos without losing any quality. This is possible because mp4 removes data that is not necessary for viewing.

If you have not yet tried to convert mp4 to mp3, you might think that the process is complicated, since one is purely audio and the other multimedia. But it is actually easy since all the compressor does it to save the audio parts of mp4 into mp3.

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