MP3 I-dog

MP3 I-dog

The I-dog is the funkiest hound in the dog pound. This iconic canine is half pet and half MP3 accessory, making him a must-have mutt. He has a speaker in his back to play your iPod tunes, and best of all he just loves music. His head rocks, his ears flap and his face is full of flashing lights that pulse to the music. Even when you’re not playing music he still likes attention, tap his head and he’ll be happy, tamper with his tail and he’ll growl, ignore him too long and he snuffles and whimpers. He has three moods, happy, excitable and rebellious. You just have to feed him music to keep him happy. Rather silly, but nevertheless adorable.

You can have this for £29.95 – Approx USD $53.91 / €44.33

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  1. That’s a great gift for kids. A lot cooler looking and cheaper than the standard speakers places like best buy and target sell.

  2. I heard that this thing a little bit noisy but a nice toys to keep.. so cute.. great as a gift

  3. Wow! Pretty cute stuff there. Yeah it’ll make a great gift (and annoy the person you gave it too at the same time) Haha!

  4. Wow that’s great really i like it and it is a best gift.

  5. Could I use the Pre3 kitchen to cook ROM’s for the boards or is that against the rules? I dont want to distribute the kitchen, just the ROM. Dont know where else I can ask this at.

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