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There’s no doubt that Motorola’s sharply designed Droid Bionic is an amazing smartphone, with 4G LTE speed and incredible power infused strongly. But what most of users may not realize is that Bionic’s performance can be enhanced even further if right applications find an accommodation in the handset. Though there are several apps that aim at boosting the overall functioning, we have still got some suggestions that tout to deliver the best of everything. Listed below are the top 4G applications for Motorola Droid Bionic that won’t only allow one to stay connected to what matters the most, but also indulge in an immersive experience.

Motorola Droid Bionic


While video chat feature has been available for a year now, some users may still not feel pleased as a punch considering the low video quality over 3G. That’s where Fring comes for help. Designed to render supreme quality over 4G, the free app allows users to stay knitted via its simple-to-use interface and speedy performance. With this one around, users can even IM with friends across other services such as Google Talk and Yahoo! Messenger.


If ‘high quality streaming’ was ever a part of the tedious search, then Bambuser should help in easing out. Integrated with support for Droid Bionic 4G, the app enables users to experience great quality video stream and share it with friends and family through social networks.


Surprised to read Netflix’s inclusion for Apps for Bionic? Well, the feature-rich app now let’s Motorola users enjoy their favorite movies and episodes right from their television.

Crackle &

Other 4G apps that ensure incredibly smooth video streaming for Droid Bionic subsume Crackle & However, unlike Netflix, both these apps do not feel a dearth of any subscription for allowing users to watch their favorite content.


Perfect for Bionic users who enjoy listening to euphonious tunes, Spotify brings in an entire new music experience. The neat-looking software provides users with the ability to save their songs’ playlists on their smartphone for offline listening. Downloading tracks for an enhanced, personalized experience also gets simpler with Spotify on Motorola’s Droid Bionic.

Slacker Radio

Featuring a beautiful, diversified layout, Slacker Radio perks up the music listening experience even better. By taking advantage of Slacker Radio’s wide array of attributes, music enthusiasts will be able to listen to over 100 music and talk stations. In fact, creating a personal station with favorite artists and genres being planked down is another great benefit that Slacker Radio comes with.

Google Music Beta

Google ensures to leverage Bionic users’ experience as well. The music app endows listeners with the ability to stockpile up to 20,000 songs in the cloud. Too good to believe, isn’t it? Besides this, Google Music Beta makes it easier to indulge in offline listening – all without having users to strain their pockets.


Lastly but equally important, Llama promises to revamp Motorola Droid Bionic smartphone users’ experience with 4G. Since Verizon tends to cap the device’s data usage, many users might not feel comfortable – particularly when they are on one of the lower tiers. Now, that’s where Llama can be of some help. The amazing app helps users save their data usage by utilizing cell towers for determining their location. Subsequent to which, it activates applications or services that are based on where the user is. Embedded with a ton of other functions and features, Llama is indeed a great app for Bionic users out there.

That certainly helps us wrap up our list for the best 4G Apps for Motorola Droid Bionic. Hopefully, the stated apps will add enhanced performance and a better user experience to all, without really asking for a penny.

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