Most won't buy iPhone. Will you?

Most people won’t buy iPhone.

According to a market reserch made by the firm Markitecture only 6% of cell phone owners say they will purchase an iPhone.

The surveys rules: respondents were initially asked how familiar they were with the iPhone; if they were not at all familiar with the product, they were eliminated from the rest of the survey. Among those that had heard of the iPhone, we went on to ask their overall impression of the iPhone, based on everything they have seen or heard to date. Next, they were then asked how likely they were to purchase the iPhone in the next 12 months. Depending on purchase likelihood, they were asked to select from a set of reasons as to why or why not they were planning to purchase the iPhone. Finally, for profile and analysis purposes, we asked them to name their primary cell phone carrier, with the hypothesis that those cell phone owners not on AT&T’s (formerly Cingular) network were less likely to purchase the product initially, given the exclusive 6 month contract Apple has signed with that carrie.

77% of respondents were at least slightly familiar with the iPhone impressive for a product that will not be launching for another two months.

Despite the relatively strong impression over all, our estimate of trial or adoption of the iPhone among consumers is 6%; that is, 6 in 100 consumers will purchase the iPhone in the next year given awareness of the product and availability of the product.

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