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Portable technology is all the rage these days. Due to increasing globalisation and an overall faster pace of life there is a huge demand for versatile devices that can be used anywhere. The last few years in particular have yielded some extremely innovative design ideas including advanced touch screens, electrophoretic ink, retina displays and high power processors. The trend seems to be that if a device proves itself to be useful it will likely stick around for a long time. Just look at the iPod, which was first released in 2001 and has existed in one form or another since then, constantly upgrading and improving its numerous capabilities. The rapid influx of handhelds may seem rather overwhelming but there is no denying that they improve our daily routines immeasurably and make a life a bit more fun. Here are four examples of handheld technology that have indisputably streamlined the way we do things.


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Amazon released their first-generation Kindle in 2007. It was a rather clunky looking device that included an integrated keyboard and the ability to store up to 200 books. Since then e-readers have evolved considerably and are manufactured by a number of different companies. The Kindle remains the most popular device of this kind and it’s not difficult to see why. Amazon’s latest, the Kindle Paperwhite uses touchscreen technology and only has one button that is used to lock the device and power it on and off. The most innovative addition is a backlit screen the brightness of which can be regulated to suit any conditions. Now you can read while in bed with the lights off, or read in intense sunlight without any glare whatsoever. The main selling point of the Kindle is the ability to store hundreds of books in one easy to carry package. Furthermore, Kindle books are often significantly cheaper than paper versions and obviously more ecologically friendly.

Handheld Tills

In the past electronic tills have had a tendency to be a bit unwieldy and complicated to operate. There’s nothing worse than having your job made unnecessarily more complex because of incompetent technology. Hopefully this will soon become a thing of the past since tablet-based handheld tills are starting to take over the market. Companies like SPA EPOS offer sleek lightweight tablets that have a fully functional till system installed. All tablets are connected to a cloud-based system that updates in real time. Because of their convenient size every waiter can carry one around and process orders while still at the table. This speeds up the ordering process significantly and decreases the chance of mistakes.

MP3 Players

The first MP3 player was the Mobile Player. First released in 1997 it was an extremely basic device that had 4 megabytes of memory and only supported low quality bitrate files provided by Audible. Since then, the successor to the CD player has undergone numerous changes and absolutely dominated the portable music player market. CDs are quickly becoming obsolete as everything shifts to the digital format. Nowadays MP3 players are often integrated into mobile phones and have vast amounts of storage capacity allowing for hundreds of albums, podcasts and audiobooks to be contained in one convenient package.

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