Mosquito Incoqnito

Mosquito Incoqnito

This is the most ingenious, infuriating prank you could play on someone. The Mosquito Incognito looks harmless enough. I mean how annoying can a small box depicting a cartoon mosquito really be? The answer is of course, very. This small and seemingly innocent looking contraption is in fact a light sensitive high quality sound box. Slip the box onto the bedroom windowsill of your intended victim, and it will sit there looking harmless. But once night falls and the curtains are drawn, the beast will stir. Using an extremely realistic sounding chip, this dastardly box will start to make the unmistakable whine and buzz of a mosquito – filling your victim with ire and dread. And just to really annoy the heck out of them, when they turn on the light to try to locate the beast, the box turns itself off – only to start again when they give up and turn out the light. It’s mean, it’s nasty, and of course it’s brilliant.

You can have this for £4.95 – Approx USD $8.91 / €7.33

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  1. Brilliant bc mosquitoes are so ridiculously annoying. Everyone knows that. What most people don’t know is that there really are ways to get rid of them, I got a mosquito trap from and I’ve been without the buggers ever since. Now that’s something to laugh about!

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