Montiss KIM5792M Gelato Ice Cream Maker Review

In the last week I’ve tested several ice cream makers. Yesterday and today I tested the Montiss KIM5792M Gelato Ice Cream Maker.


Montiss KIM5792M is s stylish ice cream, sorbeto and frozen yogurts maker which come with a timer so you don’t have to keep watching if the ice cream is ready.

Montiss KIM5792M features and specs:

  • electrically driven rotation blade
  • preparation time about 20 – 40 minuten
  • LED display for time setting
  • digital timer up to 40 minutes
  • large 1.5 Litre mixing bowl
  • add ingredients during the process
  • easy to take apart and clean
  • incl
  • udes recipes
  • power 12 Wat
  • Montiss KIM5792M images





    Montiss KIM5792M gelato ice cream maker tests

    In the night before testing the device I placed the bowl in the freezer. The next morning I prepared the ingredients for a strawberry ice cream and a froze yogurt.

    All the user needs to do is place the ingredient mix the bowl which was kept in the freezer, put on the top part, hit power and set the timer.

    There is nothing complicated, the manual will show you how to use the ice cream maker and it includes several recipes to get you started.

    Montiss KIM5792M review

    Montiss KIM5792M is a good ice cream machine: it is simple to use and clean. The timer is a big help because you don’t need to supervise it and it operates very quietly.

    The pieces are made with quality material and it seems built to last.

    In the user manual you can find several recipes for ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt.

    The ice cream made with the device is delicious: smooth and creamy as it should be. Also the frozen yogurt tastes great.

    In conclusion

    The Montiss KIM5792M is a simple to use frozen desert maker which allows the user to make ice creams, sorbets (sorbeto) and frozen yogurts.

    The deserts I made with it taste so good and I don’t think I’m going to purchase ice cream again; just the ingredients.

    In my opinion Montiss KIM5792M ice cream machine is a great buy.

    Pricing and availability

    Montiss "Gelato" Ice Cream Maker KIM5792M can be purchase for £49.99 from

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