Montar 360 Review

What is Montar 360?


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This gadget is and universal car mount which was designed to be installed with one hand on your car to keep you smartphone handy.

A lot of people are using smartphones in their cars to make phone calls, listen to music or for navigation purposes. This is why devices like car mounts are so popular these days.

The Montar WG-CMM02013 features a 360 degrees rotation “arm” which will allow you to easily move the phone’s screen into a visible position.

Main features and specs:

  • powerful, patented suction cap
  • compatible with all 5.3 inch devices and GPS devices
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • one hand install
  • can be placed on dashboard, windshield or walls
  • can support gadgets up to 3.5 kg

Using the Montar 360

Installing this device is quite simple: you only need one free hand to remove the suction cap protection, places it where you want to put it and and pressing down the leverage which activates the suction cap. With the Montar in place all you have to do is to place the device into it and adjust the car mount’s arm to where you want it.

Your smartphone/ gadgets will be kept visible and stable during your journey.

Montar 360 Review

The Montar is a simple to use gadget and it does its job well. You just need to attach it to your car and put your smartphone/gadget into it. The best features of the Montar are the powerful suction cap and the 360 rotation.

In conclusion: simple to use and useful.

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