Modern World: Ideas to Get More Tech for a Small Business

Big businesses and large corporations around the world depend on modern technology. However, it is not just large companies that need to make effective use of different technologies. Small business owners are effectively using these devices to make the best use of limited capital. For some small businesses the introduction of new forms of technology has been relatively easy, while others have to make adjustments to get the benefits that come from using tech-friendly alternatives. Know how to make the most of this new gadgetry for your small business.

Modern World Ideas to Get More Tech for a Small Business

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Technology can help small business owners improve their productivity by monitoring how they spend time and track the areas where it is being wasted. There are many open source applications that can be used both on a computer or a mobile device to track the way a small business owner and their employees use their time. Analytics programs can also help give you a broader picture of how your company uses its programs. Digital dictation programs and USB microphones are a great way business owners can improve productivity since these applications help to stay on top of to do lists, and help to monitor the flow of messages.


Invoicing is a lifesaver for small business owners since it eliminates the cost of printing invoices, and helps to save money and time by not physically delivering them. It makes collecting money from customers seamless. Entrepreneurs might want to consider looking into offshore merchant services as well so they can get faster offshore credit card processing and make sure global business isn’t delayed for days or even weeks.

Technology like this can be used to help small business owners track their budget, reduce their expenses, file their taxes, and monitor their accounts. Small businesses can increase their income stream by offering their products and services for sale online as well.


Social media has revolutionized the way small businesses market their products. Now entrepreneurs are able to use sites like Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and others to promote their business and reach the same audience that large corporations are able to reach for not a low-priced advertising scheme. Some small business owners have begun writing blogs specific to their product or services and that is targeted to their niche market. Video marketing, website promotion, and email marketing have all served to level the playing field for small businesses and increase their profitability.

There are many other fields where small businesses can inject technology into their work and productivity. One area is by replacing an antiquated phone system with a VoIP network. Small businesses need to take a good look into how they spend on technology and which types will truly make theirs more marketable and profitable. Technology and business go hand-in-hand. Small businesses that want to stay competitive must take advantage of innovative technologies designed for business.

By Brooke Chaplan

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