Modern Medicine: How New Innovative Medical Technology Can Help Keep You Healthy

With technology advancing at an alarming rate, it is no surprise that medicine advances with it as well. For each new technology, scientists and doctors adapt it for numerous uses in the medical field to advance not only helping those already sick but helping already healthy individuals stay healthy.

Modern Medicine How New Innovative Medical Technology Can Help Keep You Healthy

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Similar to the canary in a cage used by miners to detect the presence of harmful gas, biosensors are used to detect toxic substances within humans and warn of their presence (Source: They are used to monitor glucose levels in diabetes patience, detect pathogens and detect drug residues in food. By tracking all of these harmful issues, the biosensor can keep you informed of issues while they are harmless, allowing you to receive treatment before it becomes harmful.

Electronic Aspirin

Headaches, migraines and other head pains continually disrupt the health of untold numbers of people every day. The device in development to treat this is a patient-powered device that permanently implants in a nerve stimulation device on the side of the head near the sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG), the site most doctors believe to be behind the pain. With this in place, you are able to administer pain reducing signals, allowing you to continue your day without all of the terrible symptoms that follow a migraine.

Rapid Blood Test

When we go to the doctor for the treatment of flu like symptoms, science has shown us that the culprit is either bacterial or viral though we’ve never been able to know which until now. In this rapid blood test invented by Duke University, your genetic fingerprint is recognized to such a degree of precision that, within 12 hours, your doctor can know if it is viral or bacterial. This allows him to treat you faster and more accurately, leaving you with a quicker recovery time.

3-D Printed Biological Materials

Harnessing the power of the 3-D Printer, the medical field wasted no time in developing its use into something that can benefit humanity. By printing organs, you can have a defunct kidney replaced with zero chance of rejection. Printing skin allows for skin grafts for those suffering from burns or skin disease. Basically, if there is an area of your body that needs to be cut out, the use of the printer lets doctors to repair it as if it were brand new.

Through preventative methods as well as more accurate treatments from doctors, technology has done nothing but improved your ability to stay healthy both now and in the future.

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