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Because more and more people use mobile devices to get access to internet sites and run software applications, a lot of mobile development companies were started by smart entrepreneurs.

These kind of companies develop applications for mobile devices users. To give you an example: this mobile app development company makes applications for ios, android and bada devices.


The buyers for these applications are usually big companies which offer them to their clients (some are paid, some are free), but in the last years bold site owners made applications available to their website visitors.

Giving your visitors free mobile applications is good option for a website to attract audience, although is not cheap.

I am thinking on buying some apps (I would make them myself but I don’t have the know how nor the time to learn how to code them) and offer them to my visitors. So if you have any suggestions about which kind of application you wish to receive please use the comment form.

Currently I am looking for a reliable android phone application development company because many of my site’s visitors use Android powered devices.

The idea is to create 2 or 3 applications for my readers and let them download these apps form my website.

Beside Android powered devices I’ve noticed that a lot of the people visiting this site use an iPad. The iPad is a popular gadget and I am considering finding an ipad application development company and getting at least one app to give it for free to my readers.

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